How can help you increase your betting marketing revenue?

You probably didn’t know it, but revenue can be very profitable for you these days. It is one of the platforms of the moment and many people are taking advantage of this fact. You still don’t know how to manage a marketing strategy for this application?

Like Facebook in the 2000s or YouTube in the 2010s, Twitch is the new way to watch audiovisual content. Maybe not so new, but it has gained a lot of popularity recently. This is why it is so useful for creating a marketing plan.

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How can I use revenue for my marketing strategy?

If you are already working with Afiliapub, you are probably wondering how you can use revenue to make more money. But how does marketing work on this content platform?

  • Twitch is currently one of the platforms that has had the least problems with ad saturation. Something that has been repeated in apps such as Instagram and YouTube, which has led to problems with audience engagement. 
  • The way ads work for Twitch revenue is based on each user’s interests. This means that if you pay for your ads to appear on the app, they will only be seen by people who are interested. This is a great way to reach a wider audience. 
  • The interaction between users and content creators is one of the great things about Twitch. This has allowed many people to gain a deep insight into the interests of an audience. 
  • It is much easier to globalise a campaign on Twitch because of the reach of the streams. Streams are broadcast all over the world, making it easy to reach a large audience.
  • Sports events are often streamed on Twitch channels. This makes it possible to develop marketing strategies for audiences interested in this sector.

There is no doubt that Twitch’s main advantage is that it is not saturated with advertising. It is a platform with a lot of untapped potential, and you can take advantage of it.

In short,’s revenue stream is ideal for creating a good marketing campaign. But what are the steps to follow and what strategies will allow you to promote your Afiliapub links?

The best marketing strategies for

How can you generate revenue through digital marketing? There are actually many methods that you can consider and below we will show you the most prominent ones: 

  • The basic way to promote your links and content is through banners and ads. These can appear at any time during the Twitch stream for viewers to see. Obviously, the best option is for streams that are about sports or similar topics. 
  • Like Instagram and Tiktok, Twitch has a large number of influencers called streamers. You can hire them to promote specific platforms and drive new users to your referral links.
  • The stream chat is a place where you can post messages to promote links. This is particularly useful when there are sporting events going on.

So you have several ways to promote your Afiliapub links and earn more revenue from Of course, you can also open a Twitch channel and advertise directly on it.

The rise of eSports

One thing to note in the area of revenue generation is the rise of eSports. Games such as League of Legends, DOTA2 and Counter Strike are among the most played games on the platform, creating a favourable environment for betting:

  • There are many streamers dedicated to these video games who can help you promote your referral links. As Twitch viewers interact more with their influencers, they can generate more engagement. 
  • Betting platforms have now grown a lot when it comes to promoting esports. It is common for major esports sites to offer betting on popular competitions.
  • Twitch’s performance in promoting content is nothing short of spectacular. According to a 2021 study by the IAB, 2 out of 3 users of this platform remember the brands promoted and click on ads.

The key, of course, is to choose the right channels to promote your referral links. By doing so, you can be sure that your revenue will increase significantly.

Twitch's popularity is in your favour

Many people who aren’t familiar with Twitch probably don’t understand why you should consider it for marketing. However, the benefits of Twitch speak for themselves, as we will show you below: 

  • There is no one way to market on Twitch. You can choose the strategy that suits you best to promote betting sites and earn more revenue. 
  • Today, Twitch has become the new television, attracting millions of users who want to choose what they watch. This makes it a site with a huge number of opportunities when it comes to attracting people to your links. 
  • The way interactions between users and creators are presented allows for greater communication. This is good for brands and for people like you who want to promote their links. 
  • It is a growing platform that has not yet reached its full potential as a streaming application. This means there are still new users to reach and new opportunities for marketing strategies. 
  • You will be able to reach a younger audience as the average age of Twitch users is between 25 and 30 years old. This fits in with the idea of promoting e-sports betting.

Isn’t the best platform for marketing betting sites? If you are on Afiliapub you should take advantage of it. It’s no longer just about getting traffic through social networks like Instagram and TikTok.

Generate revenue with your referral links

Afiliapub certainly offers you good opportunities to make money from links from gambling sites. However, you should always consider the importance of finding new platforms to promote them on. is an application that many people do not know about and it would be a good idea to give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by its potential to help you make money.

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