To become an affiliate on Afiliapub, all you need to do is register and receive traffic from a website, Blog, forums, SEO, PPC, Database and/or Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

No. Signing up to Afiliapub is completely free, plus you get a USD $20 welcome bonus!

To start promoting our campaigns, just log into your affiliate account. Then go to <<Campaigns>> on the left side menu, and select the country and the market you want to target. Choose the product according to your traffic, click on the banners and copy/paste the banner code where you want it to be displayed.

If the campaign has a special approval, simply apply to the campaign and wait for validation within 24/48 hours.

Yes, as long as you choose the campaigns that better match your traffic, in order to have a good conversion rate for these campaigns.

Cost Per Lead: In this model, the conversion of the user into a lead is valued. In other words, conversion is generated when a user registers, fills in a form or subscribes to a service.

Cost per Acquisition: In addition to registration, it is necessary for the lead or a player to make a deposit and a minimum amount to play. This information is detailed in the description of each campaign.

Revenue Share: A commission is generated every time the player places a bet and, in addition, the player must lose the bet to generate a positive commission; otherwise you generate a negative one. The amount of this commission is a percentage of the wager placed. The percentages are described in the campaign section of your affiliate profile.

A promotional campaign that matches the traffic, that is well structured (banners, precise description, welcome bonus offers…), that calls to action (registration, deposit, game or bet).

You can also try to create an animation around the campaign (a communication, the latest promotion, the next game to bet on) and share it on multiple channels (web, blog, Facebook…) and many more ideas!

An affiliate link is a special tracking link implemented in the code of a banner or a text link that tracks the clicks and actions of users directly in your affiliate account.

Yes, we do. Afiliapub offers a minimum 3% sub-affiliate programme. For more information please contact us.

Yes, we have a team of experts, ready to serve and help you, by email, Skype and/or phone.

PayPal, Skrill Moneybookers, Neteller and bank transfer.

Bank transfer: Normal fees of bank accounts apply

Skrill: % of the payment. Fees can be found at www.skrill.com

PayPal: % of the payment. Fees can be found at www.paypal.com

Neteller: Around 1.8%. Check at www.neteller.com

You will be paid on a monthly basis, as soon as our traders pay us. To collect commissions on time, please make sure that you have entered the payment method and that you have reached a minimum of USD $100.

Just register here and start earning money!
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