who can become an affiliate

There has been a lot of conversation about who can become an affiliate. Yes, you heard me right! Anybody can become an affiliate regardless of their professional skills or literacy level. it requires a lot of understanding of how it works and more of paying attention to details. Anybody with a smartphone can become an affiliate. Affiliation is the ability to sell other people’s products via our medium. This can be done physically or online. To make it easy for you, becoming an affiliate and focusing only on the online product is easy and the best option you can explore. In many cases, the knowledge of affiliation can also help you to make extra income while continuing your regular daily job. 

Which Affiliate network can I join?

There is a lot of affiliate network you can join and they usually have a very simple way of registration. While some are a bit technical most are easy. the easier the better for you to understand their process. For me, I will recommend to you an affiliate program that does not require any form of setup fee from you. If you have to pay to sell other people’s products it makes no logical sense to pay to be part of such a program. If you are interested in Sportbet and you have a platform you can promote some of the betting brands then you can Register here to begin your journey of becoming an affiliate with Afiliapub. With the Afiliapub affiliate program, it cost you nothing to join and you will even be rewarded a $20 Welcome Bonus when you join. All you need is to signup to become an affiliate and sign in to receive your $20 welcome Bonus.  

How to start?

Anybody with a good traffic source can become an affiliate. I will recommend that to become a sport affiliate you should have sports traffic. If you have a website that talks about food or travel and you want to become a sport affiliate with Afiliapub, it will almost be impossible. So, you need to build your audience to attract your goal. Since your main focus is to become a sport affiliate and promote all the sport bet games then you need to have a website that only talks about sports. This is the only way you can attract players/ bettors to your link. We will generate for you a unique link that you can use to promote Sportsbet brands like Paripesa, Frapapa, and 1xbet for example. However, it is very important to make sure you have the right followers that can generate for you the right traffic. 

How Affiliation works with Afiliapub

To begin, you need to have a website, blog, or Social media that focuses only on Sport related content. Also, you would need to have followers that are interested in the information you are ready to give them. What attracts people to your website is usually the content of your information. The information must be new and interesting to your audience. Always make sure you have information that can drive the right traffic to your website. The goal is to make your followers click on your link and deposit to bet. However, try to make sure you read more information about offers and what the brands are giving their customers to motivate them to bet. If they are not motivated you will only see a lot of clicks with no action. 

With Afiliapub once you become an affiliate, you are to make sales. Sales mean your players that click on your link must make a deposit and bet. Also, they have to be new players on the platform you are promoting so as for you to get paid. Targeting new players and making them register, deposit and bet are all you have to do to earn a commission. 

Affiliate Reward

The reward for becoming an affiliate with Afiliapub is what you earn in commission. Bearing this in mind helps you to remain on top of your game. At registration with us for example, you will receive a $20 welcome bonus. If you start making sales in commission and your balance goes all the way to $100 then you can request payment. Our benchmark reward is an additional $80. To get this reward, you need to apply for your preferred campaign based on your audience and their location and you can start to promote immediately. 

If you want to get started immediately and you need some help to start, you can contact the affiliate manager for Africa sportsbooks at williams@afiliapub.com and we will attend to all your immediate needs and concern. All the sports bet bookies on our website are legal and safe and you can recommend them through your links to all your player without having to worry because we say so. We at Afiliapub only work with licensed brands always without any exceptions. 


We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. All our affiliates are treated fairly and just. We pay you when dues and reflect on our system the true and exact information about your commission and your affiliation progress with us. All our betting platforms are safe, legal, and licensed. As an affiliate with us, you are 100% guaranteed that all your commission will be paid as at when due and you will not have to stress. We have one of the best-paying methods and you can choose the one that best works for you at the point of registration. To learn more about how our affiliate system works, CLICK HERE. To register and to know who can become an affiliate? Click here. 

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