How to Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria?

  • Become an Affiliate with Afiliapub

Afiliapub begins its journey in 2011 and we have gained a lot of experience in the affiliate industry. We have made our mark solely in the sports industry like Football, Casinos, and Poker. We are Number One in Latam America Including Brazil, Spain, and Africa. We have worked with a prominent brand that has gained us the reputation we enjoy today.

How to start Affiliate marketing in Nigeria because working with us comes with a lot of advantages and it gives you more security. We have a reputation you can leverage and become the best affiliate making easy money online from home. In this article, I will be explaining to you the top 10 benefits of working with Afiliapub. Aside from our integrity, we have also built bridges in the sportsbook industry that working with us gives you more opportunities and great options within the sportsbook industry.

Top 10 Benefits of working with us

  • RevShare Campaigns Deals (NNCO)

Our RevShare is the best in the gambling industry because we negotiate these deals directly with the sportsbook. It is very important to understand the need for a good RevShare because it is usually calculated in percentage. With a good deal, you stand to make more money based on the percentage sharing. If you check almost all the deals we have with the sportsbooks, they all come with an NNCO (No Negative Carry-Over). This gives you more money in your pocket. Let me break this down for you to have a clear understanding.

If you have a campaign with an NNCO it means that, if your player wins and makes a withdrawal toward the end of the month your RevShare for that month will be negative. With Afiliapub, the Negative balance in your affiliate account is not carry-over to the next month. So it means that in the new month, you are starting from zero instead of negative.

  • CPA & Hybrid campaigns Deals

CPA means Cost Per Acquisition while Hybrid is having both RevShare and CPA. Our CPA campaign is money right in your pocket because depending on the deal once you bring in a player and the player deposits the minimum of $1 equivalent in your country’s currency, you receive an instant $5.

Hybrid is a combination of both meaning that you can have your $5 for one-time player Acquisitions and continue to have a RevShare of 30% for life. We have a campaign that gives you these awesome, mouth-watering deals which translate to continued money-making for you. To join us click here

  • Referral program (sub-affiliate 3%-10% on demand)

As an affiliate with us, you can make easy money with your referral Links. We have created this link to help you bring in your family and friends who will like to make money from home. If you refer someone using your affiliate link, this person is automatically linked to your sub-affiliate tree in your affiliate account.

For each affiliate you refer, you can earn up to a maximum of 3% extra and this can go as high as 10% but you will have to discuss this with your affiliate manager. We have simplified the process in such a way that you can continue to earn money from the comfort of your home.

  • Fast & guaranteed payments for affiliates (Wire transfers, E-Wallets, Crypto..)

Getting paid is about the easiest because we have integrity and we value our affiliate concern, especially with money. We pay very fast and as at when due. We also have a program that allows you to request payment whenever you want. To activate this, you can speak directly with your affiliate manager. It will make the process to be faster and quicker.

We have at our disposal all the payment systems and we pay all the currency world over. If you want to be paid locally and internationally, Afiliapub got you covered. Less worry and more action because we have integrated all the payment solutions in our network so there is not a single delay in our payment process. All our affiliate feedback is what keeps us going.

  • Difference Currency Payments (Dollars, Euro, Brazilian Reis, Naira…)

Presently, we are in over 15 countries and we have integrated local payment in the currency of your choice. Affiliates can enjoy being paid locally without having to worry about the exchange rate. The good thing is your earn, receive and spend your money with total peace of mind. Whatever that could be a trouble, trust us because we got you covered.


  • High conversion rates on emerging markets: Chile, Peru, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria :

Since we launched in this emerging market, we have been on top and our conversion rate is the best. We target this market because it has a good conversion rate and you can trust that it is high volume sales. The sportsbooks are visibly present in all these geos and it makes it easy for you to enter the market and start promoting your campaign immediately.

If you are interested in any of these countries, we have a very big presence and we have all the support that you need to get started immediately. It cost you nothing to start and even when you start we already have $20 waiting for you in your affiliate account. It is a win-win situation for you

  • Dedicated Affiliate/Campaign Manager

Our support system is top-notch because we give priority to all our affiliates. For each country, we have a dedicated affiliate manager available 24/7 to attend to all your needs. Our Affiliate manager speaks your language so you can be sure that communication is easy. Sometimes, our affiliate manager shares their personal number with you so you can reach them at any time which apparently makes things very easy for you.

At Afiliapub, we work for our affiliates meaning that our affiliates are our priorities. Your needs are promptly and adequately attended to and as at when due. We do not delay in our response to all our affiliates which is why we have a dedicated line of communication to put all our affiliates at ease.

  • Secure tracking system

Our tracking system happens to be one of the best in the gaming industry. We are 5 times ahead when it comes to tracking players and making sure all affiliate commissions are calculated in real-time. We have a unique tracking system that allows each affiliate to a unique code into the campaign to manually identify and fill in the affiliate commission. We have Dynamic tracking which makes it easy to calculate commission automatically and in real time. Whichever is provided by the sportsbook, we are right ahead to add you to the campaign as an affiliate. As our affiliate, we rest assured that all your commission will be calculated and you will be paid because the tracking system is automated and one of the best in the gambling industry.

  • Top promotion tools Banners/links / Content / Backlinks

At registration, we will introduce to you our top campaign to see the deals in terms of RevShare. We can advise you as to the best campaign that fits your location and your audience. Our affiliate manager is available to walk you through this process in making the decision as to the top and best campaign that fit you.

Our campaign banners are easy to extract and readily available in Png, and Jpeg files with different sizes to fit into your social media campaign or website. We can add your website to our backlinks to allow more visibility for your website and can also connect with other affiliates so you can increase your google ranking.

Getting your link to promote is easy and if you are having a problem you can click here to read more on how to extract your link. We give you all the needed content to increase your chances of making more money for yourself in the gambling industry.

  • International (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French) Email/Telegram/Whatsapp/Phone and Skype support for affiliates and Brand Manager

We speak your language at Afiliapub, be rest assured that our communication channels are up and running 24/7 and we keep you updated with the latest news and information happening within the sports industry. 

Whatever language best suits you, we have someone ready to speak with you anytime and anyway. We have prided ourselves over the years on very credible and open sources of communication that allow for easy understanding.

What are you waiting for? Join us today, Register Here, Log into your account, Apply for a campaign based on your audience, get approved, copy your Link and campaign banner, start promoting on your channels, and earn money. At Afiliapub our affiliate program is easy to join, and understand, and very safe and secure.

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