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Through Afiliapub and our Betway affiliate programme, you can promote one of the most established bookmakers in the online market. Share your personal Betway sports betting or casino link and earn a commission for each user who registers and bets money.

How does the Betway affiliate program work? It’s pretty simple. The first step is to register on our platform, then enter the campaigns tab and filter by Betway. Finally, you will see all the options that we offer to promote Betway through all your channels: Social Media, blog, WhatsApp and much more.

We provide you with creative banners, unique and personal links, as well as full assistance if you have any questions or inconveniences, you can always contact us, even though, here you have three steps on which we explain how to use your Betway link in Afiliapub:

  1. After logging into the Afiliapub platform go to campaigns and look for the Betway affiliate program.
  2. Click get code to find the link or banner
  3. Copy and paste your unique link where you are promoting your Betway affiliate campaign.
betway affiliation

Betway sports betting affiliatesas afiliados

By Betway sports betting, you can increase your revenue thanks to all sports competitions. Find the best sports events to promote; from the most popular to niche sports, passing by the sports most visited by users, we can highlight football, tennis, basketball, motorsports, horse racing, eSports, etc. Also, you can promote live sports betting, so you know that your unique and personal links work at all times.

Betway casino affiliates

Thanks to the Betway casino affiliate program you can promote your personal link through Afiliapub and generate high commissions. You can find the best online casino games to promote: Roulette, bingo, blackjack, slots, poker, etc.

One way to persuade your players to register through your personal Afiliapub link at Betway is to refer to the best slots, announce when the best poker tournaments take place, etc.

22Bet Bonuses

Betway offers multiple bonuses that are beneficial to players. Therefore, we recommend that when you promote your campaigns you refer to this point. In other words, for a user to register through your personal link, emphasize this particular issue, mention the advantages of these bonuses, how to also collect the money and how profitable it is to bet money given by the bookmaker Betway. With real-time tracking, multiple free content and tools to promote the Betway bookmaker, you can generate real revenue on Afiliapub.

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