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Only very few people understand the need to start affiliate marketing in Sports. We need to properly define what we mean by Sport before we dive deep into affiliate sports marketing. Sport is any form of physical exercise done to energize the body. It could be in the gym or any other place both public and private. Sport in general can also be narrowed down to activities done both for entertainment purposes or solely for oneself. For this article, we will be focusing on Sportsbet. Betting on Sports can generally help you to win or lose some money but we want to see how you can earn money from Sportsbet affiliation. To begin, I will focus only on the Afiliapub Sportsbet affiliation program.


What we offer


As the number one leading sports affiliation program both in Europe, Latam, and Africa. Afiliapub offers varieties of ways you can become an Affiliate. We have put together a video and step-by-step way you can become an affiliate to earn money with us. You can check our blogs and all our social media channel to learn easy ways to make money from the comfort of your home. It is very simple to navigate through our website and the registration process is one of the easiest because we give the best offer. We give at sing up a whopping sum of $20 and this fee is available immediately for you. Joining our affiliate network helps you to earn from the get-go without you having to worry about money to start. If you join us today, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Register here


Commission Rate


Our commission rate at Afiliapub is very competitive and allows you to earn more with us than working with the sportsbooks directly. We have an up-to-date tracking system that synchronizes all payment and track them to you. Depending on the sports bet campaign that you are willing to promote, we have commissions as high as 45%. The least is 25%, you can only receive this kind of commission with us, not from the bookies. Also, know that as our affiliate we work for you meaning that we are always at your service because our support system is best. For every region that we operate, we have a dedicated affiliate manager that gives you 24/7 customer support. Finally, with us, you can rest assured that all your commissions will be calculated correctly and paid as of when due. All our commissions are paid directly into your bank account upon request.




Payment Terms


We pay as at when due but we usually give conditions to our payment. One of which is we pay once the Sportsbooks you are promoting pay us. This payment usually comes middle of the preceding month approximately 15 days after the previous month. We can pay via any method of payment both locally and internationally. We can also pay you via your bank wallet, whatever payment gateway is available for you, trust us to pay. We can pay you via Netrefer, Paypal, Bitcoin wallet, and scroll. Our motto is getting the money into your hands. As our affiliate, you can always rely on us to pay you as at when due and you never have to worry. If you need to advance payment, you can always reach your affiliate manager via email and request to be paid. For everything we do, we put a face and a voice to all our services.


Application Process


Our application process is one of the easiest you can ever experience as a user. We have simplified it in such a way that gives you more options to navigate through our platform. To apply, Click Here the pop-up window will take you to our registration page. This is where you will fill in your details, it takes approximately less than 81 sec to fill out the form AND SUBMIT it. Viola! Your affiliate account is credited $20. Once you have created your account, kindly sign into your account using your email and password. On the homepage of your affiliate account, you will find your affiliate link. To navigate through our platform which allows you to see more options, Kindly READ MORE here. This will help you to understand how our platform works and what you stand to benefit from us as an affiliate.






Now, you know how and when to begin your affiliate marketing. The focus of this article is on Sports betting and joining us allows you to become an affiliate. We have made a platform convenient for you that no matter your skill level we will mentor you from beginner to becoming professional. As earlier explained, we have top rated affiliate manager that will support you in making your first Million on our platform. It is very easy to use and it cost you absolutely nothing to become an affiliate. What are you waiting for? You can start now and begin to earn money while you work from the comfort of your home. Why not give it a try today CLICK HERE and start your journey of becoming an affiliate marketing in Sports.

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