Affiliate Marketing Keys to Success with Your Affiliate Commissions

Interested in making more money on your affiliate marketing commissions? That’s for sure. When you join platforms like Afiliapub, what you want is to be successful and make a lot of profits with marketing strategies. However, we rarely have someone to tell us exactly what to do. 

The world of affiliate marketing is very wide and offers all kinds of tricks that allow you to make more profits. Of course, these keys are not very well known and that’s why we are here today. Below you’ll learn the tips you need to succeed with your commissions.

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How do Affiliate Marketing Commissions Work?

If you are new to Afiliapub, you are probably wondering how affiliate marketing commissions work. This is a system that works like this:

  • You, as a user, are responsible for promoting affiliate links through your personal platforms. It can be social networks, websites, SEO or any other method you want to get traffic. 
  • From promoting the links you need to get people to make purchases on those links. Since we are talking about betting sites, it is important that users register and deposit on the platform. 
  • Afiliapub will pay you a commission for each person that has entered a betting site through your link. Therefore, your earnings are directly proportional to the number of people you invite. 

In short, the more people click on your links and perform an action, the more you get paid. That’s why, in order to improve your affiliate marketing commissions, you should focus on traffic. 

AB testing

One of the most interesting methods to improve your commissions is the well-known AB method. Basically, you need to make a comparison between two campaign methods and evaluate their results: 

  • You should choose a method that allows you to attract users to the affiliate links. Let us take the example of calls to action
  • Based on the method you have chosen, you should determine the appropriate indicator to evaluate its performance. In this case, we could take the number of visits through a CTA. 
  • Do the same with a second element and its corresponding metric. For example, email campaigns evaluated by open rate
  • Run the test and determine what the results of the test were. 

Like these, you can find many indicators that will be very useful. There are tools such as Strackr or Affluent that allow you to gather a lot of information derived from the KPIs in a single integrated panel. However, Afiliapub also offers you a lot of information about the performance of your campaign. 

Keep your network and website information up to date

This is a very important point because users tend to look for new information. If it is possible for it to be from the current year, it will be much more attractive for people to click: 

  • Betting sites are constantly updated, so you should always offer new information. After all, this is the best way to let people know the benefits of such sites. 
  • According to a study by, 93% of buyers read a review first. Therefore, it makes sense that people would look for facts about a site before signing up. 
  • Since gambling sites involve real money, they need to be 100% trustworthy. This is the scoop you need to offer so that more people feel confident about depositing money into their accounts. 

Whether you promote the sites through social networks or blogs, you should constantly update the information. If a betting site introduces improvements in its operation, you should also highlight it. 

SEO will always be your great ally

Do you want to position your campaign to get better affiliate marketing commissions? You should pay attention to SEO. This is one of the tools that will allow you to increase your opportunities with Afiliapub: 

  • According to Hubspot, it is rare for users to get past the first page of Google results. In fact, 75% of Internet users do not and are left with only the first few search options. 
  • Using tools like keywords or links can give you a huge advantage over the competition. You just have to do it the right way to gain relevance on the web. 
  • You may not see immediate results in the short term, but SEO optimization is a safe investment. You will improve your online presence and more people will be able to access your referral links. 

It’s amazing how many people still don’t pay attention to SEO when it’s vital to marketing. The big companies know this and that’s why they invest so much just to be at the top of Google. 

Enjoy your affiliate marketing commissions

Have you decided to use any of the tips to improve your affiliate marketing commissions? It’s a wise choice. After all, there is a lot of competition in this business and you should know how to improve your strategy. Which option caught your attention the most? 

Remember that with Afiliapub you already have several useful tools to improve your strategy. Not only banners and links to start earning money, but also performance metrics. Haven’t you registered on this site yet? Don’t waste your time and go to the registration section.

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