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Afiliapub’s terms and conditions :


• Afiliapub: This is the affiliate program you are using to promote online gaming operators
• Partners: Gaming operators which have authorised Afiliapub to use their marketing tools to promote their brand through its affiliate network
• Affiliate: Users who promotes gaming operators through the Afiliapub affiliate program
• CPA: A commission model paid per player and which is triggered by the players first deposit and/or first bet
• Revenue sharing: The percentage of the players net losses paid to the affiliate per month.
• Hybrid: A combination of the CPA and the RS payment models paid to the affiliate


You must agree to these terms and conditions in order to get your account validated by Afiliapub. Please tick the box to confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Can register on our affiliate program
• Individual/ Particulars owning a website.
• Cooperate/ Agencies willing to promote our clients.
• Individual/ Particulars not owning a personal website but intending to use our ‘White Label’ service • Email marketer: Individual, particulars cooperate or agency owing a database.


As one of our affiliate you agree to endorse these responsibilities and obligations
• Promoting our clients brands and products using the marketing tools available on Afiliapub.
• Recruiting players who will get their account activated and validated by the client by following our partners instructions Such as example sending their proof of identity when required.
• Opening only one affiliate account, you can however add multiple domains in your account. You can however add multiple domains in your account.
• Providing accurate personal information (email address, physical address, real domain name…). .
• Displaying any Afiliapub links, banners or content on webpage written in the appropriate language.


• To register as an affiliate with us, you must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.
• You cannot open any other account directly with one of our clients.
• You cannot use spamming as method of player recruitment.
• You will be responsible for the contents of your site.
• You must check the legality of your country and adapt your site accordingly.


• We endorse and accept any responsibility for the content or the use of our affiliate program.
• We reserve the right to contact you by email, telephone or post to inform you of any applicable changes or additions to the service or to our clients products and services or remunerations.
• We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of our terms and conditions at any time. We may add to, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of our services. In those cases, we will notify you via email, telephone or post within 2 days prior.
We have the right to close your account in the case of suspicions of fraud


• If you are the owner of one or many affiliate’s account(s) that generate revenues with Afiliapub, and you want to sell it/them to a third part, you must inform us by email and provide us with the information that we may request from you. Why? We want to ensure that the new owner will keep sending the same type of quality traffic that we initially negotiated. Morover, depending on the status of the new owner (i.e: a person or a company) the current conditions set out for this account may need to be modified.
• Afiliapub reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to maintain or not, the account exclusive deal conditions after the change of ownership


We respect the privacy of our affiliates and will not disclose any personal information to any third parties.



We provide support by mail, chat and phone for all of our services.



• All statistics are collected and calculated by our partners and reported into the system of Afiliapub. Those statistics would be the only ones used to calculate your commissions.

• Your commissions will be paid to you once your balance has reached $100 or more. If your revenues are less than the minimum amount, your earnings will be held until the following month or when it reaches the minimum amount required.
• All payments are to be done between the 5th and the 15th of each month once we have received payments from our partners.
• Fraud report showing any abusive: abusive players, duplicate player accounts, invalid or deactivated player accounts will be deduced from your commissions.
• Payment to affiliates will be issued only if the advertiser has paid. Afiliapub does not have any responsibily in regards with the advertiser´s payment delay or cancelation. If this happens, a notification will be sent to the affilaites.

Policy on payment terms related to Paypal and Wire transfers

  1. What is the policy?

Affiliates getting paid by Paypal and Wire transfer must provide their ID number and documentation by email to finance@afiliapub.com before they can receive any payment. All ID numbers and documentation will be treated with confidentiality and will not be used in commercial purposes. Feel free to check our Private Policy.

  1. When is this policy effective?

This policy applies from 1st April 2019

  1. What is the purpose of this this policy?

This policy allows to prove your country of residence in the relevant accountant reports to the competent authorit.

  1. Who is concerned by this policy?

Every Affiliate from any country who has registered with Afiliapub and who has selected Paypal or Wire transfer as method of payment.

  1. Does this policy apply only to affiliates who have registered after 1st April 2019?

No. This policy is retroactive so applies equally to all affiliates, existing ones and newly registered.

  1. Can I choose another method of payment than Paypal and Wire transfer?

Yes, we offer other methods of payment. Please connect to your affiliate account and select ‘Payment details’ to choose another payment method.

  1. Is there any additional information that I should know about?

If you need further information, we have prepared a full set of documentation regarding our payment methods. You will find this when connecting to your affiliate account.

  1. What are the next steps that I should undertake?

Login into your Afiliapub Affiliate account. – Go to ‘My Profile’ – Select ‘Method of payment’ – Choose your method and then send your Identification document to finance@afiliapub.com

  1. Who can I contact for further queries?

Please, contact finance@afiliapub.com or your dedicated Affiliate Manager. We will be pleased to clarify any doubts you may have.


As an affiliate you are granted a non-exclusive, limited, revocable right to use our partners trademarks, banners, images, technology and content provided. These shall remain the sole property of our partners and no part there of shall be deemed assigned or licensed to you. You are not allowed to modify the trademarks, banners, the content or any of the images provided by our partners.
A partner may ask to remove you from its campaign if it believes that you are tarnishing the value of its brand.



Neither party shall be liable of any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations due to any extraordinary events beyond our control.



You can ask to close your account at any time. A simple email will be considered as the written notification to close it.
You must remove all marketing tools connecting Afiliapub to your site.
Any license rights transmitted to you by one of our client, end immediately.
Your players will be able to keep on playing after the end closure of your account but no more commissions will be paid to you.



Language: In case of divergence between different languages versions of the the terms and conditions, the one written in the same language as your site takes priority over the others as this one may be the one you read before registering with us.



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