World Cup Qatar 2022 and AFILIAPUB

World Cup Qatar 2022 and Afiliapub. We are an affiliated sports bet network company. We only focus on sports betting, football, casino, and poker only for online betters. Our goal is to help affiliate to understand the process of making money from home. This means that we only focus on people who are already an affiliate or beginners who want to become an affiliate.


When an affiliate registers with us, at They receive a $20 welcome bonus. Yes, but the money cannot be withdrawn until they reach a threshold of a minimum of $100.00 (hundred US Dollars). In some cases, which largely depends on the affiliate situation. We can pay out even before they reach the threshold of $100. You can only discuss that with the affiliate manager.


As an Affiliate with Afiliapub


To Promote the World cup Qatar 2022 as an affiliate. You need to become an affiliate. You will need to register on our platform as an affiliate. After you register, log into your account to Receive your $20 Bonus. The next thing to do inside your account is to Search for campaign from your affiliate account dashboard.



How to apply for a Sport Campaign.


To apply for a campaign on our platform, you log into your account, click on start, click on campaign. In the search button click on Africa campaign and click on search. It will display only the campaign available for your own region. Once you see the campaign for your region. Read the information of the campaign and see if it is suitable for your region.


For example, some campaign is specific for a particular region even though it is posted under Africa campaign. So it very important to check the information on the campaign before you apply.


Afiliapub Platform


On our platform, we have a manual approval. So it is important for you to apply for a campaign and wait for approval because we have to verify. Our verification is to know you qualify for this campaign. That you have all the tools to promote this campaign.



As you all know that the World cup QATAR 2022 and Afiliapub is starting NOVEMBER 20TH. Lot of people are waiting to bet on their favorites team to win money. As an affiliate with Afiliapub, you are to bring players. Who want to bet online to place their bet through your affiliate Link.


What is an affiliate Link?


An affiliate Link is the unique Link generated for all affiliate to promote their sport bet through any of the brand online. For example, 1xbet, Betwinner, Frapapa, Paripesa, Betking, Melbet, Betway, and 1975bet. Always remember as an affiliate, you are only responsible for people who want to bet online. By clicking on your own link. If your online betters don’t click on your link. It means that you have lost the money to someone else. Who must have posted their own link for the customer to click. Every affiliate is assigned a unique link for all the campaign they applied for on Afiliapub network.


How to extract your Affiliate Link After Approval?


Extracting your affiliate Link is very easy, let me take you through the step. Log into your account, click on start button. Click on campaign button, on the search empty space type Africa and scroll down to click on the search button. You will see the campaign for Africa. Click on where you see banners. Once you click you will be able to view all the banners for that campaign. Then click on the first one which is usually named Link and click on copy banner code. Once you click on it, your banner code will be revealed to you and you can copy it. Paste it on you Blog, website, Social media for your friends to click.


How to extract your banner?


It is the same process of getting your affiliate link. Apply the same process to extract your banner. You will be needing the banner for your campaign on your website, your blog and your Social media.


How to Post your Link On your website?


Your link is very important to you because it is the link that your players will click to register. On the sportsbook website. Before you post your link, always read more about the Bonus. The offer the sportsbook is offering is to help you send the right message to your players. Talk more about the reason why your players have to click, register and make their first deposit on the sportsbook page.


As an affiliate, for you to make money, you have to convince your players to register and make a deposit, if they don’t make a deposit, you cannot make money as an affiliate. The money that your player who click your link deposit on their account is what the Brand will pay you a percentage as agreed on our website.


How to Calculate your Revenue Share?


As an affiliate, there is a revenue share between you as an affiliate and the Brand you are promoting on your website. Each brand defers in terms of revenue share. Depending on the Brand you are promoting, all information is on our website. So before you apply for a brand check their revenue share and see if that work for you. It is very important to note that RS (Revenue Share) is for life. This means that you will continue to earn the money as long as your players continue to bet on the platform.


However, each Brand have their own percentage share some Brand give as high as 45%. The more brand you promote the more money you earn from revenue share. With Afiliapub the whole idea is for you to make money always. Once you get into $100 on your dashboard then you can request for withdrawer.


Condition to Withdraw your money.


Our affiliate is paid 20 days after the new month because we normally have to request payment from the Brand. Please note, it depends on the situation of the affiliate. If you want a payment request you can talk to the manager who will guiled you through the process.


Benefit of being an Affiliate on Afiliapub


We work with integrity and open honesty.

Speak your language.

Process payment very quickly.

Listen to our affiliate need and provide solution.

We are good at what we do.

What we say is what we do and we keep to our words.

We support our affiliate with links, banners and answers all their questions.

At Afiliapub it is very easy to make money.

Our link is unique and it is registered to you for life.

You can google our reputation and check for yourself what we represent.

We work with international standard and it is value for your time.


For more information, Register on our network and send us an email today.



Tel: +234 916 848 9100 ( WhatsApp Only).

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