What Affiliate Marketing is all about and how to get started?

Affiliate marketing is the ability to sell other people’s products using your platform and get paid in revenue sharing from their product sales. The affiliate is as old as time itself, tracing the story back before the advent of the internet. Affiliating has always been done manually, but when the internet came through, the manual idea is transferred digitally online.

How does Affiliate marketing work in general?

Let’s take for example. You want to buy a car and a friend took you to the car shop, you found out the price is the same as what you have been told and you make a purchase so your friend who took you to the car shop goes back to the car seller and he gets paid a certain commission for bringing you to buy the car. This simple example, as explained earlier is a valid true picture of what affiliate marketing is all about. As an affiliate, you are the middle man connecting B to C (Business to Customer).

No business can survive without sales and you should understand that every business is out to market what they sell.  In a nutshell, we all are marketers. Everyone is technically selling something without us realizing it in most cases. Take, for instance, all the biggest companies around the world is out there selling their product. As an affiliate, it is easy for you to display this product through your channel and sell for a certain commission without you having to own the product.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest businesses anyone can venture into without necessarily having a big start-up capital. Always remember as an affiliate, you are most valued by the brand because you are the one attracting customers to their product and your value is highly appreciated by the company you sell their product and by the customers you sell to.

How Affiliate marketing works at Afiliapub?

Afiliapub is one of the leading affiliate networks in LATAM including Brazil, Spain and Africa. It is safe to join Afiliapub sport betting network because we only focus on Sportbet including Casino and Poker. When you register on our network, Click Here to Register.

Once registered, to complete your registration, you have to log into your account and complete the form to receive the $20 welcome Bonus. Next, click a campaign on your dashboard and apply to the campaign you want to promote on your website, blogs and Social Media. In less than 12 Hours you will be approved into the campaign that you applied. You also can return to your dashboard, check the banners of the campaign and copy your unique link.

These unique Link is registered to only you and you can post the link on your website, SM and Blogs for your audience to click on your link, registered and make their first deposit. As your traffic grows, so also you grow in revenue.

What are the benefits for your affiliate business?

 With Afiliapub, you cannot get it wrong, it is our way of putting more money into your hands. For example, it is totally free to register on Afiliapub platform and you can start to generate income almost immediately.

  • No initial investment, you can start with zero experience and begin to generate income immediately. We have dedicated manager that will walk you through the process and support you through your first journey of earning money online.
  • We have more than enough brands on our platform that you can start to promote with very good revenue share.
  • Our payout is very fast and easy to withdraw money without stress; we have all the available solution for your payment withdrawal.
  • We serve with honesty and integrity and give our affiliate quality service using the highest best global standard.

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