Our team of professionals is composed of qualified and experienced managers with commercial skills. They have been recruited for their enthusiasm and skills. They know how to select each of our affiliate based on different quality criteria.


Our network is made of 47.4% affiliates coming from Brazil, 29.3% from Portugal, 17.3% from Portugal, 4.8% from Latam countries and 1.2% from other European countries*. As advertiser, you can target Spain, Portugal, Brazil and all other South America countries. Your campaigns will be then exposed on appropriate suppliers.


We have over 5000 affiliated partners composed of affiliates owning Sites (Display), Database (Emailing operation), Blogs, Forums, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We deliver 58.7% Sport traffic, 29.6% Casino, Bingo and Poker traffic, 7% Forex and Binary Option traffic, 4% Global traffic and 0.7% Lottery and MMO & MMORPG traffic.*

* figures from 1st June 2011 to 31st December 2014

How can you promote your campaigns with us?
By display, content, incentive, bonus code, PPC, texts ads, Flash or video which are located on websites, blogs, forums, Facebook or Twitters accounts. All these effective methods drive traffic (visitors) to your campaigns.

Afiliapub is the affiliate network dedicated to Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries which include Spain, Portugal and all South America countries with Brazil.
We offer online gambling, gaming and trading campaigns especially Affiliate programs for Sportsbook, Poker, Casino, Bingo, Lottery, Forex, Binary option and there is no limited categories, more affiliate program can be opened for your specific campaigns.